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The TX2040 Transmitter

The new TX2040 transmitter features Audio Ltd.s unique infrared interface, which allows the transmitter to be controlled remotely. The sound professional can use the Control-X device to switch the transmitter On/Off, even when it is worn beneath clothing great for film and drama.

The device displays the TX2040s operating frequency, enabling the sound engineer to identify the particular transmitter, even when it cant be seen. The remote control features can also be operated by the SwitchiR control system, or from a Palm PDA, using free downloadable Palm AudiR software.

The absence of mechanical switches on the TX2040 reduces wear and ensures a greater degree of waterproofing, for improved durability and reliability. The battery compartment is integrated into the transmitter case, to prevent the battery coming loose in use, and has been designed to accommodate 9V batteries. The TX2040 will often last for a full day without the need to replace the batteries.

The unit has 32 pre-programmed frequencies, with a switching bandwidth of up to 24MHz, which is the equivalent to four US channels. Despite its host of new features, the transmitter remains the same size as its predecessor the TX2020, and is fully backward-compatible with earlier Audio Ltd. systems. As with all our products, RF and audio performance are excellent.

The TX2040 is compact, sleek and stylish, with rounded edges to make it more comfortable for the artist to wear.

All Audio Ltd. transmitters are designed to work with the microphone of your choice. Our technical department is available to answer any questions. (Email us at: evan@macarthurgroup.com)

TX2040 Transmitter Specifications
Frequency range from 470 - 1000MHz
Number of frequencies 32 pre-programmed
Switching range up to 24MHz
System frequency response 50Hz to 18kHz 1dB
Output power 50mW nominal
System THD measured at 1KHz <0.1% at working levels.
<0.3% at gain position 9 with ?6dB input in overload?
Gain control range 28dB in 8 steps plus 2 steps for 600 Ohms line input
Maximum input level +8dBm gain position 0, 600 Ohms
Indicators Red LED for ON condition. LED turns off to indicate overload
Battery required 9V (IEC 6LR61) type Alkaline
Battery life Typically >6 hours on an alkaline 9V battery
Size 89 (h) x 60 (w) x 21 (d) mm
Weight 135g
Operating temperature range -20C to +55C
Compliant to EN 300 422 EN 300 445 (CE), FCC
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