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The RK3 Portable Rack System

Designed specifically for field use, the RK3 Portable Rack System is a compact, portable rack which can hold up to three DX2040 receivers. It has a built-in distribution amplifier to allow all three receivers to be fed from one pair of antennas. All receiver indicators are visible through clear lenses on the top panel of the RK3. The IR port is visible and all parameters may be viewed or changed while the DX2040 is installed in the RK3.

The RK3 Portable Rack System is externally powered with a 4-pin Hirose socket. An auxiliary 4-pin Hirose socket allows other equipment to be powered via the rack.

RF outputs allow connection of a second RK3 Portable Rack System or fourth DX2040 receiver. Brackets and cable accessories to link two RK3 racks are available.

RK3 Portable Rack System Specifications
Frequency range 470 1000MHz (specified)
Number of DX2040 receiver slots 3
Active distribution amplifier bandwidth 24MHz typical
External powering 8 18V DC
Antenna 2 x SMA RF
Outputs 2 x SMA
Audio outputs 3 x 3 pin XLR male
Size 262 (l) x 138 (h) x 39mm (w) (10 5/16 x 5 7/16 x 1 1/2 inch)
Weight 1000g (35 oz)
Power input 2 x 4 pin Hirose sockets
Other features Reverse power protection
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