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The RK2040 Rack

This compact 1U, 19-inch rack is capable of accommodating two to four diversity receivers. Additional receiver modules can be purchased separately. Each receiver has an individual LCD display, showing RF levels for both sides of the diversity, audio level, low transmitter battery level and name, frequency and audio output level for each artist.

Each receiver has 32 pre-programmed frequencies and an increased switching bandwidth of up to 24MHz. It includes a built-in active distribution amplifier to allow all four receivers (or up to eight by cascading two racks) to be fed from one set of antennae.

The RK2040 can be powered via an AC/DC adapter, or can be powered from any DC source with voltages from 10-18 volts (for example, a car battery), via a four-pin XLR socket.

The rack features Audio Ltd.s custom-designed RS485 PC interface for remote monitoring of receivers. A PC can control and monitor all functions from up to 4,000 feet away from the racks.

Up to 24 racks can be linked together with one cable linked to the PC. So up to 92 receivers can be monitored over one cable. The monitoring software is included.

Our technical department is available to answer any questions. (Email us at: evan@macarthurgroup.com)

RK2040 Rack Specifications
Frequency range from 470 1000MHz
Number of diversity receivers Up to 4
Active distribution amplifier bandwidth 24MHz, with phantom powering for Audio Ltd masthead amplifier
Powering 10 18 Volts DC via 4 pin XLR male socket
Antenna inputs 2 x BNC 50 Ohms
RF outputs 2 x BNC 50 Ohms
Sensitivity -98dBm for 40dB SINAD
Audio outputs 4 x 3 pin XLR
Output level +14 dBu maximum, transformer balanced
Frequency response 50Hz 18kHz 1dB
Headphone output Standard 6.5mm (1/4 inch) jack socket with adjustable level
Display and controls Backlit LCD display with comprehensive, intuitive set up of individual receiver parameters via a smiple 4 button interface
PC connection 2 x RS485 9 pin sub-D type connector.
One connector connects to PC via RS485 to RS232 adapter (available separately).
Maximum cable run for twisted pair cable - 1000m.
Second connector allows subsequent racks to be daisy-chained
Size 1U high 19-inch frame
Depth 270mm
Weight 3.45kg
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