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Control-X Handset

Control-X uses electromagnetic induction for remotely controlling enable the full range of RMS2040 transmitters. As long as the Control-X handset is within 8 inches of the transmitter, you can switch it On/Off and check and display frequencies without touching the transmitter.

Unlike other remote devices, Control-X can do all of this even if the transmitter is underneath clothing. In costume dramas and similar applications, this makes sound control simpler, more efficient and easier for the artist.

With the handset held within 8 inches of the transmitter aerial, the frequency of any transmitter can be checked using a single push-button display; the frequency is displayed on an LCD panel. Similarly, the transmitter can be switched Off and On using the handset. When the transmitter is On, the Control-X handset displays the transmitter frequency.

The Control-X unit can also be used to self-test its own battery just by pressing and releasing the On and Off buttons simultaneously. In addition, it can be used to check the battery power of any Audio Ltd. transmitter or receiver, with a 6-pin Lemo connector. The Control-X also has external battery contacts allowing the testing of 9V6LR61 batteries.

Our technical department is available to answer any questions. (Email us at: evan@macarthurgroup.com)

Control-X Handset Specifications
Size 100 (h) x 63 (w) x 24 (d) mm
Weight 150g including battery
Battery required 9V (IEC 6LR61) type Alkaline
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